Day 24 is a Treasure

Last night Michael and I stayed at a hotel in Salt Lake and saw the Broadway production of Young Frankenstein! It was a lot of fun to go out of town for a night. 

His father gave us his tickets because he's in Italy right now, and he arranged for us to stay at a hotel. 
It was so nice.

We walked from our hotel to a restaurant, then to the Capital Theatre, and then back to our hotel. It was super cold after the show! There was a freeze warning, but we didn't know when we first left on foot.

It was great fun! The play was well acted, they all had great talent, the dancing and singing was super, but I don't think I would recommend it to anyone. It had a lot of vulgar parts and all of the songs (it was a musical) were very uncomfortable.

Sitting in front of us was a couple with their three young kids, I would guess the oldest was ten. I felt awkward for them. Luckily their parents made them leave early.

Anyway, it was a great night on the town!

And today the photo prompt is something you wish you could change. There are lots of things that I wish I could go back and do differently if I could: things I would say, things I wouldn't say, things I would do, things I wouldn't do. But those things are not to be mentioned today. Instead I'll say

Gas prices. 
But not only in the superficial way, because I understand peak oil, so I know we're getting to the point where oil will not be able to get any cheaper. 

So when I say gas prices I also mean I wish I could change the oil companies so that they would allow alternative energy sources to come out instead of abolishing any breakthroughs as they have done thus far. 

I wish I could change it so that instead of being addicted to oil, everyone around the world used clean, renewable energy.

What's something you wish you could change?
What are your fun plans for the weekend? Do they include an awkward play? ;-P

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