Day 12 is a Treasure

Looking at those celebrities I chose, you guys are right, I can see a certain "type" as well ;-) Hahaha

The funny thing is that in all of my past boyfriends, and guys I've dated, non of them looked even remotely like those celebrities. Like, at all. 
Save for Michael. I think he looks a lot like Shia Labeouf, but don't worry, that's not why I married him ;-)

Anyway, enough of this silliness! I'm excited to share the photo for today
The prompt is a picture of something you love.

This photo was taken at our wedding. Doesn't it look mouthwatering? 

I share a deep love with chocolate covered strawberries. 
I don't have them very often, but I seriously can't get enough! I certainly crave them often.

I think chocolate covered fruit should be a main food group. Who's with me?

What's something you love?
ps. other favorites that I crave often include Chinese food, cheese and chocolate fondue, and red mango

pps. Remember I won't be posting on Sunday, so I'll be back with day 13 on Monday!
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. :-)

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Nain @ View From Down Here said...

heck yes, you should! Those look delicious!