Day 16 is a Treasure

My internet has been completely stupid and has not let me upload a picture until now, and since this is a photo challenge, I couldn't post this until I got the picture up :-)
Last night I turned in my 13 page paper!
And I gave my ten minute presentation on it... I sure hope I get a good grade, I worked so hard.

Monday is my last day in this class, it's my "final" and I have to turn in a Self-Reflective 1-2 page paper then too, but that will be very easy. The hard work is over, now I just have to wait for him to grade it :-)

Today the photo prompt is a picture of someone that inspires you.
My husband inspires me to be the best version of myself, which I love. He's so great :-)

The picture I'm going to choose though, is of my dad.
He has always been one of my biggest fans, and he inspires me to continue to learn, improve my talents, try new things and to work for what I want. He's a great father, and a great teacher. I've learned so much from him.
He inspires me :-)

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Chloe said...

So sweet!!
Dads are always a good inpiration :-)
Hope you have a great weekend!!
Happy Easter!