Day 13 is a Treasure

I am so late in posting this guys! 
I don't know what got into me!... Actually I do.
It's the week before finals and I've been finishing my final paper. 10-15 pages, the thing is a beast! But I'm almost done with it, I just have some fine tuning and editing, but I've got everything on paper at least :-)

Anyway, I've been so busy with it I didn't have time to write this post early and schedule it, pretty much my entire weekend was devoted to this paper. I hope you guys did something fun to make up for my not doing anything terribly exciting ;-P
So, I'm writing it now, at 9:30 in the p.m. But at least it will get out before day 14! :-D

Okay, so the prompt today is a picture of your favorite band or artist.

Here's the thing, I enjoy music in basically every genre, I have favorite songs, and artists in each genre and so it's very difficult to pick just one. Another reason why it is hard is due to the fact that I am constantly finding new artists that I love! 

So, what I decided to share today is my three new favorite artists/bands that I've discovered since the beginning of this year!

My favorite might just be composer Tree Adams; especially his song "Open Road." and other favorites are Blonde Redheads, and Callie Moore

They all have a unique sound and quality that I like, and I enjoy them for different reasons.
If you know of any great songs/artists/bands let me know!
I'm always looking for more :-)
Honorable mentions include: Fun, Pomplamoose and Frou Frou.

This week I'm motivated to finish my paper and ace the challenges on Reasons to Lose. 
You can read the challenge here.
And of course you can participate as well! :-)
I'm linking up with Nain's meme, Motivation Monday
Motivation Monday


Tracey said...

Hi Chantel,
Thanks for the blog comment love. :) Popped over here to say hi and check out your corner of the blogosphere. Had to comment on this post. If you have not listened to The Civil Wars, YOU MUST. Hands down, my favorite duo of the last few months. LOVE them! Youtube them to see some of their videos and then go get them on itunes. You won't be disappointed.
Have a great week!

viewfromdownhere said...

You can do it!!! Thanks for participating!