Day 4 is a Treasure

The prompt today is a picture of your perfect day.

I've had many nearly perfect days, and some that felt perfect as well! 
So instead of choosing one day, I'm compiling -with my limited editing skills-some elements from those days. If they could all be mixed together it would be a "perfect day" for me.

My perfect day would include not having to work and being able to spend the entire day with Michael. It would also include swimming in the nice sun warmed lake at St. George, being in Disneyland for a few hours, eating at Anasazi in St. George- they have the best fondue I've ever tasted. It would also involve getting red mango, eating chocolate covered strawberries, listening to Michael sing, dancing and not getting tired, listening to music that has real meaning, playing a few board or card games with close family and friends. It might also include writing a letter longhand without my hand getting cramped, or maybe creating a beautiful piece of jewelry. And it would definitely end with cuddling on the couch with Michael and reading some of my favorite books.

But really, I don't need to do all of those things for a day to be perfect :-)
I would be happy to simply spend the entire day with Michael. Anything else would just be a bonus ;-)

If you could do anything without getting tired, what would your perfect day include?


viewfromdownhere said...

This is such a great idea I may just have to do a post about it :-) But your perfect day sounds pretty nice!

Chloe said...

My perfect day??
Being with MJ. Watching movies, eating popcorn, having pizza for dinner, and visiting some place we don't know. Or maybe just going to the beach!

Melissa said...

A good attitude because you are right - so many different things can be a really great day if the attitude is right.