Pictures are a Treasure

I wanted to get some pictures of Michael and I together before the baby came, but I never set anything up. So one day when a friend was visiting with us I asked her to take some photos with my little camera 

So we went outside to get better lighting and I just did a few filters on picmonkey.com

They aren't professional quality, but I think they are cute!
And since I really wanted pics, they are definitely better than nothing :-)


Living in the USofA is a Treasure

Happy 4th of July!
(Photo belongs to my friend, Kris Fryer)

I love America!
Well... I love what America was when it was founded, and I love what it is when the constitution is upheld. 
That's all I'll say about that right now.

Even though I see some scary things happening, I am glad that I live here.

And to celebrate the birth of this country, I love watching the fireworks! 

But this year Utah is so dry, and there are fires everywhere, there won't be as many. And they are banned in quite a few places! Michael and I are in an area where we can do some, but I don't think we'll buy any, I think we'll just watch what other people put out :-)

We are planning on going to Cries of Freedom, listening to one of Michael's good friends singing some original songs in the park, and then going to a BBQ.

What are you doing for the 4th?
Whatever it is, have fun celebrating the birth of this great country!


Rambling is a Treasure

(This is a rambling post)
Birthdays are fun! 

I always enjoy celebrating the birth of my friends and family. It gets really hard to celebrate them all though, especially as our families are growing. Both mine and Michael's family likes to celebrate on Sundays, and there just aren't enough for everyone to have their own celebration.

So this year we did a lot of combining! 
It was actually a lot of fun having a combined birthday :)
My awesome step-mom made me this cake
I got a lot of gifts! I seriously felt spoiled. And Michael keeps giving me things too -everyone is too nice :)

And my family ended up celebrating mine on a Monday, which worked really well because we did that 2 days before my niece was born! and Amber flew out to be with Helena during the birth and she'll be out there for a while helping out.
Guys, Helena's baby Syndil is so stinkin' cute!
I'm so excited to be an aunt, and I'm looking forward to meeting her
I have awesome nieces and nephews! It's just that this is the first baby for one of my siblings, and that makes it extra exciting. 

My little baby isn't here yet, it'll probably still be a while. But that's okay,  she'll come when she's ready :-) I'm ready though! We have all the things we need (unless I forgot something...) I'm 39 weeks now, so she could come anytime! It's exciting, but I wish I could just know what day she would make an appearance so I could plan accordingly. 

Michael has a new job, which is great! We don't have the financial stress anymore, and it seems like a really nice place. They treat him really well. And they will even give him some time off when the baby comes! 

Well, that's all for my rambling post.
What's new in your life?
ps. isn't my niece the cutest?!?