Eight Months is a Treasure

Here is my 8 month picture!

On Tuesday I'll be 35 weeks! It is crazy to think that she could come as soon as 4 weeks! 
I have a feeling it will be on or around the 16th of July though when she does choose to grace us with her presence :-)

I never told you guys, but this is how I told my friends on Facebook that Michael and I are expecting:

"Michael and I found out that I have Primigravida. Which basically means that there is an organism living inside of me, and it is taking vital nutrients from my system. I have already begun to show signs of this infestation by feeling bloated and throwing up to get rid of toxins. Doctors believe my body will follow a natural eviction process by expelling the infestation hopefully by the beginning of July..."

It was fun to read people's reactions :-) 

Have a great night!


My Baby Shower Was a Treasure

I had my baby shower on May 5th, and I loved it!
The theme was "Pretty in Pink" and it was just so much fun! 
It turned out better than I hoped it would.
A bunch of us got together and brainstormed, and I had lots of ideas of things I wanted and didn't want, and everyone got some jobs that way no one was overwhelmed (hopefully!) and they all made it possible :-)

So many people helped out with the shower and helped make it into the wonderful event that it was! I really appreciate what everyone did. 

My sister in law Mendy made the invitations
Aren't they darling?!
And she framed these pictures of Michael and I :-)
My mother in law did the fruit and veggie trays 
They were so tasty and looked so good. This isn't a good picture of them though...
My sister Helena did the prizes for the games
I didn't have any pictures of the prizes, but you can kind of see one of them on the shelf in that cute polkadot basket -she went all out with the prizes! 
 I really like this punch idea
And my stepmom made it! It turned out really well. 
and she made the cupcakes, they have pacifiers on top made out of life savers and jelly beans

My sister Amber did the games (which I don't have any pictures of) 
They were really fun and creative! You'll have to take my word for it.
She also made the cake -isn't it beautiful? 
This is the inside

and she did the headband making station.
I don't have the headbands yet so I can't show you pictures. But they turned out really cute!
Amber also brought cute paper for people to write advice on, I'm looking forward to reading it all
 My sister in law Annie did the favors! they are in those cute white boxes
(Don't you love those balloons!)
This is what they looked like, only cuter! I had bad lighting when I took this photo :)
And they tasted really yummy!
(The socks were from my sister Helena:-) 
I love the balloons Annie chose, and all the different shades of pink

 These cute little pacifiers were hanging on the windows
 I love this wreath! Annie let me keep it, and it's hanging in the nursery now! You'll see when I post pictures of the baby's room
Annie did the decorations, didn't they look awesome?!
I also kept that puffy pink strand (I have no idea what it is called!) also, you'll see it in the baby's room. 
I'll post pictures soon! I have some things I want to finish up in there first though
I didn't get a good picture of these hanging things, but they were super cute also! 
and Annie hosted the event at her house

I'm sorry if I forgot anyone's jobs! 
Everyone did so much, it was great!

I had a wonderful baby shower! And I'm so glad that my sister Helena got to come out for it, and that we got to throw a baby shower for her as well :-)
We had tons of fun! I'm glad we are pregnant at the same time.

Thank you all again!


I'm Alive!

Wow... I haven't written a blog post in almost 8 months!
I've missed it though.
I have to wonder: will anyone even read this?

SOO much has happened since I last posted. And blogger has changed a bit!
 I don't even know where to begin...

I think I'll just write a quick update now, and maybe I'll fill you guys in more in the future. 
I know you've heard it before, but I do plan to blog more regularly :-) 

If you follow me on Facebook you already know the biggest news since I last updated: 

Michael and I are going to be parents!!!
I'm due in July :-)

I took a picture each month, starting at 3 months, and I'm wearing the same clothes in them, my shirt is going to stretch! 
I wasn't really showing at all until around 4 months

 Three months
 Four months
 Five months
Six months
 Seven months

I'm seven and a half months pregnant now. 
And I am feeling great! I've been taking good care of myself, and I've been trying to give my body everything it needs. I haven't even had much back pain at all yet! Which is one thing I was worried about, because of my scoliosis

We are really excited!
Nervous, overwhelmed, anxious, intimidated and so many other emotions. But definitely excited! 
I feel ready to be a mom, you know? I know it will be an adjustment, but I'm ready to start adjusting :)

I'm going to be having a wonderful natural birth experience in a wonderful birth center about five minutes away from my house, with a midwife. I've been doing hypnobabies and I am so excited about it! I know it will work wonderfully. And I'm looking forward to telling you all about my birth experience after our little one is with us. 

So, you're probably wondering if we are having a boy or a girl
How we told our families is I made cupcakes and I put colored frosting in the middle, and I had them all take a bite at the same time.

And this is how I announced on Facebook:

My sister Helena is in town for a bit! I'm so excited about that! I haven't seen her yet, but I will see her tomorrow and we can compare belly sizes... Because she is expecting too! She is about two weeks farther along than I am! AND we are BOTH having girls! Crazy.

Since she is in town we are having my baby shower this Saturday! I am really looking forward to it.
And we will have a shower for her the Friday after! It will be great fun.

I will be sure to post pictures. 
Because I will blog again soon :-)