Day 22 is a Treasure

Wow... I'm at 22 already! I feel like I'll be lost when this is over.
What in the world will I blog about?! :-P

Today the prompt is a picture of something you wish you were better at

This was easy for me, because it's been on my mind a lot lately.
There are a lot of things I wish I was better at, and I'm working on. Things like patience, math, jewelry, writing, guitar and cooking. Definitely cooking.

But right now, the thing I wish I was better at the most?
Singing. I really wish I was a better singer. I always have.

This was me being goofy after the Magistro Family benefit Christmas Concert last Christmas :-)

What's something you wish you were better at?


Alaina said...

Organization....I wish I had my husband's organizational skills :-)

Cute picture!

Chloe said...

Organization, singing, painting, driving...
Cute picture, btw!!
You look like an artist!

Annie said...

You are a rockin singer!!!