Day 18 is a Treasure

Tomorrow is Easter! 
It's such a lovely time of year, and it's a fun holiday :-)

What are your plans for easter?
I'm planning on going out today to buy the things for Michael's easter basket, this will be our first year hiding baskets for each other. It will be most enjoyable I think ;-)
We painted eggs last night with my family, it was such fun! 

Today the challenge is a picture of your biggest insecurity.

Here's the thing, I try to avoid pictures of it, and so I couldn't find any. Now, granted I didn't look at every single, but through the ones I have on my computer I don't have any. I might from high school, but those aren't scanned in... anyway, this is the closest thing I could find
So, my insecurity is my back

I have scoliosis, and even though I hide it well and I haven't let it hold me back from anything that I want to do, it is still something that I struggle with. 

I'm not as insecure about it as I used to be, but it is still my biggest insecurity.

I'm very grateful that I have my great chiropractor who has been able to help my back become more aligned and that I have my inversion table which helps even more.

My chiropractor said that the improvement my back has made is much more than he thought possible, and it is making him believe in miracles. That was very nice to hear. :)

What's your biggest insecurity?
ps. Remember I won't be posting tomorrow

pps. Happy Easter Everyone!!


Helena said...

Yay for chiropractors and inversion tables! I love that having a straighter spine has made you an inch or two taller :)

My greatest insecurity is hard to pinpoint, since it's always changing.

viewfromdownhere said...

Aw, hugs...

My biggest insecurity is my weight. I'm hardest on the way I look and my size. That and my scar from my heart surgery. I try to hide that as best I can.