Small Treasure Tuesdays

Michael and I are moving soon... We're pretty excited
We'll be moving just a few blocks away from where we are now, into Michael's parents basement apartment. 

I'll put up pics soon.
It's really cute!

There's only one bedroom instead of the two we have now, but it has a small room that comes off of it and the living room is about twice the size of the one we have now, which is awesome! The kitchen has more cupboards though it doesn't have a separate dining room which is totally fine because we can fit a table in the kitchen.

My treasure today is the new dining room table we got for our new place!
The one we have now is too wide to fit comfortably in our kitchen so we got this new one from Ikea, and we are pretty excited about it :-)

It has drawers on both sides, and it fold up nice and small

 And you can lift up one side at a time, or both! It can seat up to 6 people.

What's your treasure today?


Small Treasure Tuesdays

You're probably staring at your computer screen in shock right now. 
I understand. You probably thought you'd never see this meme again!
But I'm back... I'm trying to be :-)

I've missed blogging. I've missed reading your comments and commenting on your blogs.
I've missed reading your Small Treasure posts.

That's the main reason I wanted to start blogging more frequently again, because I think it's so important to appreciate the little things. Having this meme makes me do it, and reading your posts brightens my day!

So here we are!

There aren't any rules with Small Treasure Tuesdays 
I just ask that you share your post here so we can all read it
I hope that you'll link back here so other people can get involved (you can do that by including my button ;-)
And please read (and if you feel so inclined, comment) on other posts to spread the love 
That's it! :-)

The treasure I'm sharing today is the newest addition to the Magistro family

Ashlyn Nicole 
Here she is with her proud Mamma and Pappa

 She is such a doll. We all love her already!
 Elisa (the mamma) is the first of Michael's sisters to have a baby, it's pretty exciting!
Look at all that hair! in these photos she's about 12 hours old.

She is 5 weeks old now! I haven't spent a lot of time with her yet, but I have been able to see her smile and hear her laugh :)

What's your treasure today?
It can be as long or as short as you want; it can be anything!