Motivation is a Treasure

I know I already blogged today, I just wanted to delight you all with another post! 
Don't worry you can still link up a treasure with Small Treasure Tuesdays :-)
 I just realized haven't talked about Reasons to Lose in a while

Life in the Pitts

It is still going strong!
Kind of...

I'm still having a lot of fun doing the challenges each week, and I realized I haven't been sharing the challenges with you all. So I was thinking I would blog about what they are each week so you guys can play along too!
Sometimes it helps to have a specific thing you have to accomplish, and it's great to have the support system.

If any of you guys do start doing the challenges I can link to them on the Reasons to Lose blog so everyone can see. Let me know if this is something you're interested in :-)

Each week on Reasons to Lose we get 2 new challenges. Always a physical and then either an emotional or nutritional one. Challenges are posted and started Sunday. They go through Saturday. 
If you decide to blog about it, tell us how you did! Be honest! Do good? Do bad? How do you feel?

We are switching it up a little with this weeks challenges, It is creativity week! You pick your challenge! Think of what you are working on and what you want to do better at or try this week. Pick 2 challenges. One Physical and one nutritional.

I'm linking this to Nain's meme Motivation Monday because I'm motivated to pick my challenges and to stay active and healthy!

Motivation Monday

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viewfromdownhere said...

Thanks for participating! Keep up the motivation!