My Little Girl is a Treasure

She's here!
Well... she's been here for 6 weeks ;-) 
I've just been too busy/tired/lazy to blog about it.
(this is her favorite place to sleep)
Sage was born July 17th, 5:17am, and she was 6lbs, 14oz and 20 inches long
We sure do love her!
(The above photos were taken when she was 4 days old)
She is so fun. 
She makes the best faces. 
The kissy lips is like her signature look
She was a pretty happy baby -this one was taken when she was around a week old
But my poor little girl became rather colicky around 2 or 3 weeks old. It's getting better, but she is fussy a lot. It is hard when I can't make her feel better.
She loves her daddy :-)
It is quite an adjustment, but we can't imagine life without her!
And, she's starting to smile socially now! 
It is adorable
 Oh! and I got a haircut :-)
We love our pretty little Sage :-)
SOOO much!

Sometime I'll write her birth story
and I have tons more pics that I will share from our professional shoot as well as more from my phone, so stay tuned!