Day 25 is Not a Treasure...

I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner guys, you would not believe the day I'm having.

I'm being falsely accused of plagiarism for my last paper.
Yeah, awesome huh?

I have an excellent case though, I am building a packet to take to the Dean if my teacher doesn't work with me on fixing this, and I'm working on what I'm going to say to my teacher. 

1) I didn't plagiarize. Even if it was unintentional (which the only thing I can think of would be that I missed an in-text citation).

2) He didn't follow the guidelines laid out by my University, instead he just gave me a 0 in the class

3) He didn't give me the chance to defend myself, or my paper...

the list could go on, and it does. I'm writing everything down. I emailed him today, and if he doesn't respond tomorrow afternoon I'm calling him, and then if he doesn't work with me I'm taking it to the Dean, and the school newspaper and possibly getting my dad's lawyers involved. 

He is breaking the protocol on how these things are supposed to be dealt with, he gives people poor grades when they don't agree with his opinions, and he has given people B's even when they did not provide scholarly sources as the syllabus stated they needed to.

I am not taking this lightly, because accusing someone of plagiarism in college is never done lightly. I don't know why he did it, he hasn't explained why. I feel so violated, and unrighteously judged. 

Wish me luck guys. I'm calling him tomorrow, and then possibly going to the Dean the day after.

And now for my photo of the day.
The challenge is to post a picture of you a year ago:
This was me and Michael almost exactly a year ago, at one of my closest friend's weddings. I was the maid of honor :-)

I'm linking this to Nain's meme, Motivation Monday, because I'm motivated to defend my honor and not let a teacher ruin my reputation over something I didn't do, and accuse me falsely for plagiarism.
Motivation Monday


Chloe said...

Oh, I'm so sorry!!
I was accused of plagiarism too in college.
My teacher wrote on my paper, "did you really write this or did you find it and copy it?" I was so offended!
When I talked to her, she said "I wrote that, because your paper is really good and I don't think you can write something soooo good".
Excuse me?

Chloe said...

I think I've already commented on this post...
But wanted to share with you my Small Treasure Tuesday post's link!

Here it is:

viewfromdownhere said...

Oh no...I am so so sorry! That just isn't right. It sounds like you have a good case, and I hope that it doesn't come to you having to hire an attorney