Day 11 is a Treasure

Good day all! 
I'm glad you enjoyed my goofy collage yesterday ;-)
I am trying to get better at responding to comments, but please know that I appreciate all of them! You guys are awesome.

Today the prompt is a picture of someone you see yourself marrying one day.

Since I am married, and deeply in love, I can't see myself ever marrying anyone else :-P So I thought it would be fun to post some celebrity *crushes I used to have instead.

These are "crushes" I used to have, and while I can appreciate their good looks, I haven't had a "crush" on an actor in years :-)
What celebrity crushes have you had?
*Crush isn't really the right word, they are just celebrities I thought were very attractive for one reason or another... Especially Shia Labeouf ;-)


viewfromdownhere said...

Hmmm...if you compare those 4 crushes I can see a "type" you have in common :-)

Alicia said...

I loved Shia Labeouf too!!! Like borederline obsession. Now my husband says I only want to see *whatever movie he is in* so I can have some eye candy. But its ok. As long as I get to see him. ha ha