Day 19 is a Treasure

Happy Monday Everyone!

Before I share my photo with you all, I'm going to tell you about my Easter.
On Saturday night Michael and I hid plastic candy filled eggs, and Easter baskets for each other around our apartment. So on Easter morning we had a fun little hunt! It was great. It was our first time spending Easter morning at home and doing our own hunt. It really was a blast.

I hid Michaels basket on our coat rack, it looks similar to this here, only a dark brown/black. I hung it underneath my jackets. It had him stumped for a little while :-)

Then we went to church, after which we went to Michaels parents house, we had an egg hunt with the kids, which was so cute, and we had a delicious dinner and read some very nice quotes about the reasons why we celebrate Easter. We also were celebrating two of Michaels sisters birthdays, so we had birthday cake too. 

It was lots of fun.

However, after church and before we went to my Mr's parents, we had some down time. In which I wrapped the birthday gifts and Michael did some reading in bed. His feet were under the covers, and all the sudden he felt a little pinch on the top of one of his big toes. Figuring he had just gotten some hair caught on the bedding he thought little of it. 

Until it started to hurt. And then his leg started to feel a little numb and tingly.

Ripping the covers off he searched for the culprit so we could know what kind of spider bite we were dealing with, but whatever it was, it was gone.

Over the next few hours the bite got very swollen, red and painful to the touch. I of course called the hospital, but they would charge me a butt load of money just to diagnose if the bite was lethal. So I called poison control, luckily the lady was very friendly, and she had me describe his symptoms. She assured me that the only very poisonous spiders in our area are black widows, and as long as he doesn't start getting muscle clenching within 4 hours after the bite, he would be fine. 

We were also instructed to keep it clean, and dry. 
I watched it closely, and thankfully he is fine!  Now all I have to do is keep an eye on it the next few days to make sure it doesn't get infected. 

I was so worried though guys, I can't tell you how relieved I am that it isn't serious.

When we got home we tore our bed apart. We searched everywhere and found no trace of any spiders (although we know we have them, we killed 3 last week). So, we changed all of our bedding, moved our bed away from the wall, sprayed lemon juice everywhere, and we'll be calling a professional to come spray soon.

We think it was a wolf spider, their bites are said to feel like a bee sting, which is pretty much how it felt for Michael.

I have a deep, deep hatred of spiders. 
I am so not okay with them being anywhere near my bed!
You can read about another spider experience here.

Anyway, I hope your easter was fun, and not as scary!

Now onto my photo challenge.
Today the prompt is a picture of you when you were little:

I don't have many pictures of me when I was little on my computer, and I have no idea how to use the scanner, so you'll just have to make due with some of the random ones I could find ;-)
 This was my first birthday
 I'm not sure how old I am here, but it's Halloween, and I'm Little Red Riding Hood :)
And I'm pretty sure this one was on St. Patty's day :-)

Do you have some cute pics on your blog of when you were little? 
If so leave the link and I'll check it out too :)

I'm linking this to Nain's meme Motivation Monday, because I'm motivated to get rid of the spiders!
Motivation Monday


viewfromdownhere said...

That is some good motivation...ugh, I hate spiders! Thanks for participating! Glad Michael is ok!

Chloe said...

Yes, I have a few!!

HEre's the link:

I also have some others published on other old posts...

Oh, I posted about my Small Treasures!

Melissa said...

Wow!! Scary spider bite. My FIL got a staff infection in a spider bite - so you need to continue to keep an eye on Michael's bite.

I really like the realness of the first birthday photo with all the different people doing different things.

Here is a set of photos of my hubby and myself: http://thosenorthernskies.blogspot.com/2007/10/one-year-olds.html