Day 15 is a Treasure

Today the prompt for my photo challenge is a picture of something you'd like to do before you die

There are a lot of things I would love to do with Michael, a lot of places I want us to travel to
And of course I want us to have a family ;-)

But I'm only going to show you guys two of the many things I want to do, and they are: 
to publish at least one play and open a community theater :-)

Those are two things that I have wanted to do for a long, long time.
Here's hoping we'll have enough money someday, right ;-)

What are some things you want to do before you die?


viewfromdownhere said...

I've done one - travel to Ireland, but I'd also like to write and publish a novel. (Keeping fingers crossed that that happens one day!)

Queen Mother said...

Write something of significance.

See each of my children in a deep, fruitful relationship with Jesus Christ.

Queen Mother said...

Oh, and act in theater, plan large events, teach to a large group, go to Greece, Rome and India.

Learn to cook Indian food.


Own a home that is an oasis for friends and family.

Live in a major city.