Day 30 is a Treasure

I was doing so well for 29 days! I cut it a little close by posting some just before midnight, but still... 
and then yesterday I didn't post at all.
Oops :-)

Oh well, I don't really feel bad, because I've been busy.
So, I decided I would post today to make up for it, since I haven't been posting on Sundays at all

The photo for day 30 is a picture of someone you love
I love a lot of people. A lot.

And normally I would post an adorable picture of my husband, but I wanted to mix it up, seeing as if I could turn this into 30ish days of photos of him! haha, excluding a few days of course. Like day 28. I'm just saying.

But since today is Mothers Day I thought I would share a picture of my beautiful mom.
 It's a little fuzzy, but here are two pictures of my beautiful mom.
She was an amazing woman.
The second picture is my mom holding me when I was a baby

And I thought I would also include two great mother figures in my life right now
My step-mom, JoAnn, and my mother-in-law Bobbi. They both do so very much for me and Michael. They are great women as well.

I hope you all had a blessed mothers day!

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viewfromdownhere said...

Aw, your mother was beautiful, as are your other two mother figures. Hope you had a nice weekend!