Day 27 is a Treasure

Well, I got my paper back finally! It feels like it took forever. I'll update you all about it tomorrow.

I just wanted to post todays challenge before midnight, that way I'm technically not a day late ;-P

The challenge is to post a picture of you with a family member
I chose this picture of me with my brothers and sisters because this week we're all together again!
My sister Helena is visiting from Pittsburgh.
Her husband didn't get to come, which is unfortunate, but we're glad we get to spend time with her :-)

Thank you all for your supportive comments, thoughts and prayers. 
I'm meeting with the department chair on Friday, so if you don't mind sending good vibes, thoughts and prayers my way a little longer that would be greatly appreciated :-)

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Nain @ View From Down Here said...

Have fun with your family this week! And I'll still be praying for you that all goes well with the dept chair. Hang in there...