Small Treasure Tuesdays

Hi everyone.

I'm not feeling like my normal exuberant self, I simply am feeling drained.
I feel like I've been violated, picked on, humiliated and manipulated.

I'm in desperate need of reading your treasures, and I need to think about my own small treasures. It's important for me to not get defeated so that I remember I am not guilty, and so that I keep fighting for the grade I deserve. 

So, you know the drill (and I don't feel like copying my normal spiel) 
Link up your post in the comments, it can be anything that is a treasure to you!
Anything at all. No pressure for a long post, or anything.
And I would also encourage you to read other peoples posts, because they are all really good.

I'm glad I have this photo challenge going on, so I can use todays challenge as my treasure.

The challenge today is a photo of something that means a lot to you.
And so even if I didn't have this challenge I think it would be the same thing: 

The way my husband and family have confidence in me, know who I am and are willing to help me with this battle of accused plagiarism.

So, write up a post and leave the link in the comments, and I will add it to the bottom of this post!
Please? I need to read happy things today :)

Treasured Participants
Chloe @ My New Life as a Housewife
Nain @ View From Down Here
Denise @ Pitterpat and the Stickycat
Brynnie @ There's a New Brandall in Town


viewfromdownhere said...

Focus on the things that do make you happy and the ones you love. They will get you through anything. And you're in my prayers. I know you're strong and you will get through this.

Denise said...

Sorry to hear you are havin such a rough day! I'll add you to my prayers. As you'll see my treasure is some plain ol' home cookin:)
Hope your day gets better!
Happy Tuesday:)

Brynnie said...

Here is my small treasure for the week. I hope you enjoy it! It always makes me laugh!