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One of my favorite things about winter is bundling up under a blanket and drinking hot chocolate. I love it! Especially when it's snowing outside.
Today, at 3pm a huge blizzard is supposed to hit my town. The radio said that it will be the worst snow storm Utah has seen in 100 years! So, everyone is being sent home early from my work. 

I'm hoping that when we get home, my hubby and I can just cuddle, watch a movie and drink hot coco. 

So, even if the storm doesn't hit, the fact that I get to leave early and indulge in the goodness of hot chocolatey goodness is a treasure.


Melissa said...

I love bad weather. It makes everything seem so cozy.

Tara said...

Snuggling under a blanket with some hot chocolate sounds divine right now!

Alicia said...

Mmmmm.... that makes me want some hot chocolate. I think its time to break out my hot chocolate maker that has been in storage for months now. :)