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Welcome new followers from Follow Me. NOW

You know those "follow parties" that happen all around the blogging community?
Well, my sister started one. (You'll find her blog very amusing)

Make sure you read the rules guidelines 
Life in the Pitts

She's very strict about these things. And they are all really important.

I'm hoping she doesn't notice that I'm not putting her button on my sidebar. 
Or she might leave me a mean comment. 

Life in the Pitts

I threw it in a few extra times to make up for it.

Oh well, she'll leave an even meaner one when she see's that I am not following the 16 people...

So, basically if you Follow Me. NOW (FM.N) and leave me a comment telling me that you are FM.N then I'll follow you back! Isn't that genius?
Have a good weekend!

And don't forget to FM.N

Life in the Pitts


Helena said...

hank you for linking up to the "Follow Me Back! NOW." party!!! Just one little thing: I don't see my giant button anywhere on your sidebars. I don't want to be mean, but YOU NEED TO FIX THAT. LOL. Heart ya!

Life in the Pitts
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Helena said...

(ps. I love that you put the button in your post 4 times. Talk about setting a new standard. Maybe I should make that the rule next time...)