Cheetah and Dog Best Friends are a Treasure

Since today isn't "Wordless" like yesterday ;-) I'd like to explain the picture I used for Wordless Wednesday

When my family went to Disney, we also went to the Sand Diego Zoo

I LOVE that zoo! They are undoubtedly the best zoo in the world-they have the most animals, and they work very hard to protect all animals and species.

I love animals a lot.

Anyway, my favorite part was the cheetah. The reason? This picture says it all:

 All the cheetahs that are in the zoo (and some wolves) are paired with a golden retriever since they are pups, they grow up together. They are best friends. :-)

And get this, the golden retriever has the dominant relationship! It is so cute. 
The dogs stay with them in their cages, and they not only keep each other company, but the dog helps the cheetah feel secure and safe.
It's darling.

I wasn't able to get my own picture of the dog and cheetah together, that sign of their first cheetah/dog duo is as close as I got. But when I go back I'll get a picture then :-)

Here's another adorable story

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Helena said...

AND the cheetah lives longer because the dog helps steady their nerves.