Small Treasure Tuesdays

I really enjoy telling you all about the treasures in my life, and I would love to hear some of your treasures too.
So I decided to start Small Treasure Tuesdays!

It's so important to remember and appreciate the little, and big, things that make life beautiful. I'm hoping that by writing about our Small Treasures, we'll be able to help ourselves, and others, focus on all the good.

You can tell us about some of the small (or big) treasures in your life; little blessings, things/people that you're grateful for -that sort of thing

It doesn't have to be long, it can be as simple as linking up a picture or a quote. I don't want anyone feeling overwhelmed by this :-)

 I'm excited to learn about your treasures!

1) Make sure you link directly to the page your Small Treasure Tuesdays post is on, not your main blog page.
If you don't have a blog, you can still participate and leave your treasure in a comment.

2) Please link back here so other people can join in on the fun! A good way to do that is by grabbing my button :-)

3) Visit as many people as you want/can. All I ask is that you please visit the person above you in the list, and leave a comment. Everyone loves to know what you think of their treasures!
I was planning on sharing a few pictures from my trip today, unfortunately my computer is being slow and unintelligent. So, I'll share those another time :-)

Today I'm appreciating good books. 

I love to read. I would read all day if I could. 
I love to read all different genres, and I have too many favorites to count.

Here are some recent treasures:

For months I told my brother I would read the books he had recommended to me... and for months I didn't do it. But now, I have read them, and loved them.
Be warned most of these are Fantasy -it's what I was given. 
I would highly recommend all of these.

I read these ones first, and now I want to buy them

Then I read this one, and then had to read this one The next one comes out today, and I am excited!

I then read this one because I really like the author now

Now I'm reading this one and I'm finding it quite enjoyable

I just finished this one 
and I may have to write a blog post about why I loved it

I enjoyed all of these for different, yet similar, reasons. 
However this last one was possibly the best fantasy I've ever read.

If you ever want to know more about these books, or why I enjoyed them so much, just let me know!
I just don't want this post to be too long :-)

Really though, if you need a book suggestion in pretty much any genre, I may be able to help you out :-)

Now it's your turn! I love reading all of your treasures!

ps. I'll post the giveaway winners later today or tomorrow!


Helena said...

Um, yes. To all of them. But especially The Name of the Wind. And I didn't realize the new Hunger Games book was coming out today. Awesome!

Leanne said...

Thanks for letting me know about your party. I linked my post about Ammon. I need to make time to read more. Have a great day, Chantel.

Larissa said...

hey fyi 30% off hunger games at b&n if you have one - exp 8/30 - copy and paste