My Bachelorette Party was a Treasure

A year ago today I had my bachelorette party.

Helena, Annie, me and Amber

My sisters, Amber, Helena and Annie took me to Jump On It
They scared me the whole way there, making me believe we were going somewhere dangerous (I was blindfolded, and had to sign a waiver)

This is Hilary, the elephant 

Me, Annie and Helena

Amber, me and Helena

Me, Annie and Helena

Later we went to Sub Zero Ice Cream... It was delicious. 
Above the parlor is an area where you can relax on a couch, play games or watch tv
We snagged the couch

Before long they were talking about it. The wedding night.

Amber and mostly Helena were telling me about what to expect, what not to expect, what to do, what not to do... suggestions for more venturesome enterprises. 

Soon, they realized they were only ones giving me advice, they both looked to Annie and asked her if she had any counsel.

And then she reminded us that she's married to our brother, and we probably don't want to think about him doing that... too true.

You guys are the best, I'm very lucky to have all three of you. 
You guys are beautiful, and wonderful.
Thank you for supporting me, and for giving me such an awesome and fun night!
It was perfect :-)


viewfromdownhere said...

Um...yeah, I wouldn't want to get advice on that from my sister-in-law either. NO way :-) Looks like you guys had a fun time, though!

Melissa said...

The bit about your SIL made me laugh out loud!!

Helena said...

That night was so much fun! I forgot all about how freaked out you were when we made you sign the waver. Also, I wish I could forget about a couple of those pictures...