Chantel is a Treasure

Hi guys, I'm Helena, from Life in the Pitts.

And I'm Chantel's oldest sister.

I thought I'd give you guys some insight into what it's like having Chantel as a sister. I was brainstorming for stories I could share, or things I could say...

But then I realized that it would be easier to just show you.

(There are a lot of pictures, but I guarantee that after looking at them, you'll know Chantel better. And you'll probably love her even more.)

And that's that Chantel we love so much.

She is beautiful, fun, exciting, kind, funny, interesting, caring, thoughtful, happy, ridiculous, dorky, irritating, adorable, addictive, lovable,unforgettable, gullible, and anything but boring.

She is a treasure.

And I think we're pretty lucky.


PS. Which pictures are your favorites?


Helena said...

My favorite is... the eighth one up. Totally.

Chantel said...

At first I was all NO ONE COMMENTED?? Then I remembered that you moderate your comments, and since you are out of town, none of them are showing up.

I'm excited for them to show up someday.

seven thirty three said...

This is all have I have to say:

Toilets are dirty Chantel. That is a lesson you need to take to heart!


Helena said...

AND I left that comment while I was still signed in as you. Sorry, Tel.

CNM said...

Pretty sure that the pic with the toilet hugging is the best!

viewfromdownhere said...

Those are hilarious...I love them! I couldn't pick a favorite, but I didn't want to know if that one of the lighthouse was in South Haven, MI, because I think I recognize that place! Or at least that lighthouse :-)