Not Buying is a Treasure

 Today my sister over at Life in the Pitts has introduced a new linky party 
"Things I Didn't Buy"
Helena likes to window shop online, which basically means add a bunch of stuff to your shopping cart, then walk away. 
Today she saved $615.91 by not buying anything.

Here's my list:







So, by not shopping today I saved $162.93!
But I didn't even add the movies or books I want, if I had, that number would be higher :-)

How much did you save today?

Life in the Pitts


viewfromdownhere said...

I LOVE that black and white skirt!

Helena said...

I can see you wearing every single piece of clothing! I like your picks. And the books are so tempting. The Last Lecture is one I want to get for my bookshelf.

Briana Priester said...

Good choices, girl! I like the turquoise sweater especially! The Last Lecture is SUCH a tear-jerker.