Annie is a Treasure

Hey guys! Since I'm in St. George right now, I asked awesome my sister-in-law Annie if she would be a guest blogger today. 

This is me and Annie on my wedding day
Annie, is the best! I'm so lucky to have her in my life. 

She blogs about her life over at The Kaiser Two you should go check her out :-)
She is also part of the Reasons to Lose blog!

I asked Annie to share one of her Treasures with you all. So without further ado:

My job is a treasure.

4 years ago today I got the best job ever. 
I started at The Charleston at Cedar Hills as a Cna. 

Then I did meds, then moved to administrative. 

I would not trade my job for anything. Heck, I would do my job for free. 

Most days you find me in my office doing bills or marketing. But sometimes I'm playing bingo ( I know! I get payed to play Bingo!) or helping people hit a pinata at  a party. 

Other times we go on a field trip  

 She should not be allowed in an electric cart!  

or have a staff fashion show.

Other times you can find me talking to a family who does not know how to help the ones they love. 

Other times I sit next to a dying friend, happy of the time we have spent together.

I would not trade this for anything. 
As a friend said, I work in Heaven's waiting room. 


Helena said...

Oh, I love that. Heaven's waiting room is a perfect description.

viewfromdownhere said...

Wow, heaven's waiting room...that is a really awesome way to describe that. I love it. And I love that you love what you are doing so much..that's just great!