My Wedding Day Was a Treasure

A year ago today, I got married.
My wedding day was wonderful treasure!
Even though there were some things that went wrong, it was perfect!

I remember coming out of the Temple. We were so happy!

I remember taking pictures with Michaels family 

I remember taking a few pics around the Temple as we waited for David 
(I felt so bad, no one brought him. That's the only thing I would change if I could)

I remember taking pictures with my family

I remember I borrowed Amber's earrings, and wore my Mom's old pearls

I remember how beautiful the Provo Temple was

I remember my blue shoes

I remember needing a drinking break as we took pictures 

I remember how sore my feet got

And Michael was such a gentleman

I remember how hot I was, and how I wished I could swim in the fountain

I remember sitting in this spot and having our friend Brian record us saying individually how we felt
I remember how we were the first ones to have a reception at this reception center
And I remember how it parts of it weren't completely finished

But it was still beautiful
I remember how handsome Michael was

I remember how much I loved my flowers

I remember how hard it was to walk in my heels to this bridge. But it was worth it

I remember us wanting to get a picture by the dumpster 

I remember how we had cheesecake for our wedding cake
And I remember how our florist was kind enough to take our cake stand back to the store to exchange it for one with all the pieces

I remember how Amber made my hair beautiful, even though it was very short

I remember cutting the cake, and almost making it fall of the stand

I remember how Michael pretended to be angry when I shoved a little bit of cake into his face
I remember how we had chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) but I only had a few
I remember how delicious the food was, even though we only had a little

I remember how I felt when we danced for the first time after our wedding

I remember my Dad telling me how proud he was of me for sticking with, and doing, what I wanted.
I remember hugging him after he told me how proud Mom was of me. And how she was with me in the temple

I remember how Michael danced with his Mom, and how he sang their song to her.

I remember how we asked the DJ to play something fast and fun once those slow dances were over, then we surprised everyone by busting a move

I remember how we all danced, and laughed.
I remember how my bustle kept coming undone as I danced

I remember how nervous I was to throw the bouquet
I thought I'd make it hit the ceiling

I remember how I kept the dress pressed down on my thighs when Michael got the garter.
I remember how I had slipped away to change what was under my dress, and I didn't want him to see it

I remember how he aimed perfectly, and David caught it.

I remember how he sang to me

I felt/feel like the luckiest girl

I remember us running out.
Bringing with us some left over food, and cheesecake

I remember it all! 
It was my perfect day. 
I loved it.


Annie said...

It was a perfect day! Happy Anniversary!

Melissa said...

You have beautiful wedding pictures, Chantel.

You are both so young. We were too but that is so long ago.

I love the photo that shows your earring, ring, and necklace.

viewfromdownhere said...

aw, you looked beautiful and so happy! Happy anniversary!!!