Pain in the Neck

I apologize for my absence in thew blogging world.
You see, I got injured at the carnival.

What happened was, we rode on a few rides, then it started raining really heavily, and we made a run for it.

It wasn't until a few hours later that I realized my neck had been hurt. (I'm glad we left when we did so my injury didn't worsen)
The only thing I can think of that would have hurt my neck was rides at the carnival. On "The Tornado" I had a bar behind my head, and I think what happened was the force of spinning must have pushed my neck, or I hit it without realizing it.

In any case, the larger of the spinal bones right below your neck, has been bruised. Not sure what the bone it called.

So, the bone it bruised, and worst case is that I have a sprain. Either way, it will heal without a brace and I'm glad it isn't too serious.

It is super sensitive though, I haven't been able to turn my head very much, or move my arms a lot, without a ton of pain. However! I have more range of motion now, which means it is getting better :-) 
Also, I can't sit or stand for a long period of time (more than 5-10 min) without a lot of pain if I don't have support for my neck. Which kind of sucks.

I haven't been able to make jewelry either :-/  just bear with me, I'll have more pics soon.

In other news, I still plan on opening my Etsy shop soon. And, my friend loves her wedding jewelry! 
Anything fun or exciting in your life? I can lay in bed and vicariously live through you all :-)

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Michelle said...

I'm sorry about your neck pain!:( I know how bad that feels and it always seems like it takes forever to heal! I hope you feel better soon!:o)