Bath and Body Works is a Treasure

Remember how I told you all that some giveaways are heading your way?
Well, head on over to my sister's blog Life in the Pitts to enter the Bath and Body Works Giveaway! It's my first time hosting a giveaway, so I hope you all enter :-)

While you're there make sure to check out this wonderful post I made about her (I snuck onto her blog to write it. She's only pretending to be mad ;-)

This is what you can win! So, be sure to spread the word, and enter the giveaway

Have a great day everyone!
Yesterday was my birthday, I'll tell you all about how I celebrated later :-)


Lanie Ree said...

(I'm only pretending to pretend. I'm planning my revenge right now)

Denise said...

Hope you had a Happy, Happy Birthday! May you step into your "new" year be calming, refreshing,invigorating, stress relieving...oh wait, That's what the bath stuff says isn't it?? I saw your "guest" post ;) on your sista's blog! TOO funny. Make sure she can't get to the kitchen knives the next time you get together, or she might have some pics of her own to share!! LOL
Thanks for the giveaway...headin over there now
Happy Tuesday!!