Carnivals are a Terasure

Happy Friday! 
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How do you guys feel about carnivals? Amusement parks?
I enjoy all kinds of rides: roller-coasters, spinney rides; everything.

Well, since it's summer (finally) here in Utah, Michael and I are going to the Orem Summerfest this weekend!
There will be a carnival, although we probably won't go on many rides, that depends on how much they cost. But it will be fun to walk around, see the boutiques, watch the firework and everything.
I'm excited :-D

Picture from Free Digital Photos

What are you doing this weekend?

UPDATE: while it finally got hot here in Utah, it's feeling kind of chilly today. Hopefully it'll be warmer tomorrow :-)


Lanie Ree said...

I want to go to a carnival with you! SO.BAD. Whenever I see the pirate ship ride(did I mention I live 3 minutes from an amusement park?) I think about you.

thriftymomma said...

Hi. Following you from the Trendy Treehouse blog hop. I am at http://www.thriftymommastips.blogpot.com/ and http://www.thriftymommasbrainfood.blogspot.com/
and http://www.thriftymommagogo.blogspot.com/

Cheers, Paula

Amy said...

Hey....it's Amy Lawson! Looking forward to following your blog! But not looking forward to carnival rides....I just can't trust those carnies and their puttheridetogethersecurely skills.