Guest Blogging is a Treasure

Today I'm blogging for my sister over at Life in the Pitts
 I think I'm going to have my sister guest blog over here sometime as well. 
Guest blogging is fun! If anyone needs a guest blogger, feel free to contact me :-)

I hope you guys don't feel neglected. I have some fun things planned for this blog, and I'll be blogging more frequently soon. :-)

In other news, my 22 birthday is tomorrow! I love surprises and presents... hint hint :-P

I wish today wasn't Sunday, I want the weekend to last longer. 
I've been having a fun/busy weekend. I made some cool jewelry and went to Goblin Valley with Michael to act in a film a friend of mine is making.

I don't have pics from our adventures in Goblin Valley yet. We stayed in a Tent Trailer! It was sweet.

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend! Did you do anything fun?

This is a picture I took last year


Lanie Ree said...

Ooh, Chantel that is a beautiful picture!

And Happy Birthday.

And I'm still mad at you.

viewfromdownhere said...

Hi, Chantel! Came across your blog from your sisters...loved the pictures the other day! You've got a new follower in me!

LambAround said...

Happy (ever so slightly belated) Birthday! Feel free to guest blog for me if you'd like. I'd be happy to return the favor too :)