Etsy is Filled with Treasures

I love to window shop at Etsy! 
I find so many wonderful things, I wish I had all the money in the world so I could buy some of these treasures. 
So, I thought I'd share some of these treasures with you all. We can all wish we could buy them together.

These Rosa earrings are adorable, as is a bunch of the jewelry sold at Forevermore Creations

This Blue Lace necklace is from one of my all-time favorite sellers, JoyMadeJewelry, I think just about all of her stuff is on my wishlist. She is super helpful and friendly, she sells kits, and she even shows you how to make her designs on her blog

These Glamour Earrings are one of the great original designs from JoyMadeJewelry

This Arden necklace is all sold out, but I like to pretend I'm wearing it sometimes. Sold by RachelleD

This Vintage Napkin Holder would be perfect for my apartment. I love it. Sold by Colerz4 she has a fun little etsy shop filled with vintage things

I saw this Anatomical Heart Locket on my sisters blog, I had to share it with you all because even though it's kind of gross, it's also kind of cool. Sold by Heronadornment

Probably my favorite etsy store is my sisters, Made in the Pitts. She has wall art and handmade checkerboards, like this Red Peacock Checkerboard 

These Set of Three Frames are just some of the treasures that are Made in the Pitts

Hope you liked these items! are you craving some of them like me? I have many more treasures that perhaps I will link up another time. 
Which etsy item was your favorite? Do you have any you want to show me that isn't on my list? Feel free to leave a link in the comments :-)


Lanie Ree said...

I am so sad that the Arden is gone! I was gonna buy it this month.

And those flower earrings at the top are awesome.

And the necklace by joymadejewelry is fantastic. I bought the birds nest one she makes for Kurt's mom for Mothers Day. She got it already, and she wears it all the time :)

And dang, Made in the Pitts sure is amazing!

What a great wishlist

mub said...

I think I could waste entire weeks on etsy if I wasn't careful!

Stopping over from New Friend Friday =)

Amy said...

I love etsy!!! I could spend all day shopping there.
Check out shop Artwark.

Happy New Friend Friday!