Making Jewelry is an Unorganized Treasure

As I'm sure most of you know, I've been making jewelry. 
I plan on opening an Etsy shop, probably after I finish the jewelry for my friend's wedding
And, you're all going to be customers, right? :-)

I'm sure anyone who has ever made jewelry can tell you that it gets messy. There are so many little parts, and sometimes it's hard to keep everything contained. 

I use one of those plastic shoe boxes to keep everything in, and I try to keep the original packaging so that my small pieces won't get lost in the mix. But it gets hard.

This is what it looked like last night as I was finishing the bride's earrings.

Scary, right?

So, today Michael and I went to Lowes where we got these little drawers that hold screws and small tools, and from Roberts we got a thick Styrofoam board to hold all my finished projects. 

My own little work station! I love it!
And it's even complete with a sombrero ;-) which will probably be moved soon

Now I can keep everything organized! My jewelry supplies will now be easy to get to, and easy to clean up.

This is going to make life so much easier.


Replica Vertu said...

You are doing it really fantastic, i love you creation, everything looks fine, keep it up.

Linkie Lueville said...

ohhhhh! i was really into beading in high school. but once i moved out of my mothers house, i never brought that stuff with me. I need to get back there and grab it asap!

Lanie Ree said...

Chantel, look how organized that is! It looks fantastic. Now, don't let it get cluttered, or it will be hard to clean. Keep on top of it!

Leanne said...

What a great idea. It's so hard to keep all those little pieces organized especially when there are so many of them. I think thid will work great for you. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday. Have a Beautiful weekend.

Nissa Joy said...

haha! that looks exactly how I started out...a bit of a mess in a shoe box then I had to buy a box very similar to the one in your pitcure from lowes...now 7 years later I now have two 4ft long x 6ft tall shelves PACKED full of bins, boxes and drawers...it's starting to overflow again and I might have to think about another upgrade...or get some help for my obsession :)