Engagements are a Treasure

"Most of our life is a series of images. They pass us by like towns on the highway. But sometimes, a moment stuns us as it happens. And we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever." -I can't remember where I got this quote.

A year ago today, I got engaged! 

Michael and I right after I said "Yes!"

So much can change in such a small period of time; a year, two years, a month, a day, even an hour. A life can be forced to change in the blink of an eye. And a person can change, in so many ways, during the space of a heartbeat. 

I have definitely changed since meeting Michael, I have become more of the person I was meant to be, and I am so blessed to have him. 

"As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment. And then, the moment was gone" -John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men."

The moment we got engaged was wonderful. It was perfect for us. 
Sadly, it wasn't perfect for everyone else. 

The day I got engaged was not an altogether happy one; once the moment was gone, the world came in. It came in harshly, and it came in fast.

I wish I could remember the day I got engaged as being filled with love, and happiness. I wish it could have been an untainted memory that I could cling to when things got hard.
But I have Michael, and believe it or not, that makes everything better.

Our engagement was filled with the most stress I have ever felt in my life (not due to wedding plans, those were easy) and even though I had to find out who my real friends were, who really trusted me to know what I wanted, and who respected my decisions -even with all of that, I would not change anything. It was all worth it. He is worth it all.

I know where my Heavenly Father wants me to be, and that is right here, with Michael. 

I love being married to my best friend, it is so fun! 

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for.
Our engagement story!
He took me on a picnic, we ate on the hill by the Provo Temple (It was a special place for us). Michael read me a story, "The Frog Prince" and talked about how our love was like a fairytale 
He had his guitar with him, and he sang me a song he had written for me 
Then, he talked about the symbolism of rings, having no beginning and no end, he compared that to us, and our relationship. He distracted me as he got out a ring from his pocket, it was a promise ring his father had given his mother.
He then asked me to be his wife, for time and all eternity
Of course I said yes :-D

Later during our engagement we looked at rings and he got a feel for the ones I liked. I didn't see my ring until he put it on me when we got married, so during our engagement I wore the promise ring, and another ring he got online to "look more official"
He is so cute!

This post is really long, so another time I'll have to tell you the story of when I proposed to him ;-)


Shipley family and Tulle Cool said...

Chantel, I love reading your blog. I could see a year ago that friends and family were concerned about how quickly you got engaged. The only thing I could think was "Matt and I knew each other for only 2 weeks when he proposed". It worked for us and I knew it would work for you. His parents only knew each other for 3 days (I think) and they have been married for 49 years. You are a strong woman and are growing every day. The love you have for each other trumps everything another person can or would say. Just know that the Shipley's always knew you would be alright. Not only that but Michael sure is a hottie. Good choice :)

Annie said...

Very nice Chantel. I love the pics of you too! Keep up the good work with this site!

Nissa Joy said...

you two look so happy! I know when my husband and I told everyone we were getting married we were split in half. half of everyone we knew just tore us in two verbaly and the other half was in such a rush to push us together and try to make up for the other half that we didnt get to stop and enjoy the moments. but we are so very happy together :) almost 6 years later, the sides are still split in two but we just get happier and happier....I hope you two will be the same way :)