Organizing Mail is a Treasure

Yesterday I felt like being crafty, and I've been wanting to find something to hold our mail 

See? It just piles up!

so I decided to kill two birds with one stone (not literally of course:))

After work Michael and I went to Roberts Arts and Crafts and I got one of those cascading albums
It was $7, but with my 40%off coupon it was around 5! It came with 6 pieces, but I only used four of them

Then I grabbed my silver chain and started measuring, and using my new jewelry tools to cut and splice the chains to the measurements I wanted. 

I measured the total length of the cardboard to how I wanted it to lay, then I attached my chain through all 4 pieces. See in the picture? The chain is through all 4 pieces :-)

Note: In this project I used my jewelry tools and extra wire to make loops in order to cut and attach the chain to itself

Then I used a hole punch in all four of the cardboard pieces. Well, I wasn't strong enough, I had my wonderful husband do it instead :-)

Then I ran my chain through all of them

I measured how far apart I wanted the pieces, then I cut the chain at that place and made a loop to attach it to itself, to keep it from moving. (does that make sense?)

The chain I had left I used to create what I used to hang it on the wall

I then painted "Mail" on it.

It isn't completely even, but I'm super pleased! If it ever bothers me enough to change it, I can easily remove some of the chain to make it hang more evenly. But for now, it gives it character and I LOVE it.

Where do you keep your mail?

*Sorry, my lighting isn't great in these pics, and this is my first attempt at a tutorial. So, if I was confusing, or you need clarification on a step, let me know! 


Kelly said...

Very creative project!!!

Annie said...

Very Cute Chantel! And I owe you a vacuum! I am sorry! I will have it to you by sat!

Sarah @ The Domestic CEO said...

What a great idea! My mail goes on my desk and I try to sort it everyday. Doesn't always work so well though.

Ginger said...

Congrats on your first tut! I've only done a handful myself...still learning too. Our mail goes in a number of different piles...perhaps I should follow your lead and find a way to organize it all! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!


Denise said...

Very Cute! If you'd like to see what a REAL pile of mail looks like feel free to come visit:) Of course, You would have to stay long enough to make ME one of those:)

Leanne said...

Very creative!. That turned out so great. Thank you for joining the We're Organized Wednesday party. THe next one will be in 2 weeks. I hope to see you there again.

GroverFamily said...

Hey! I just saw your note about only leaving one comment for your daily votes...i will add in your extra comments...thanks for voting for my mom:)

Lanie Ree said...

Chantel, awesome tutorial!! And this is so cute. You rock.

mub said...

This is way cute! We toss our mail in a basket in the entryway... which works okay except the basket gets filled with all sorts of other random crap *L*