Christmas Shopping is a Treasure

 I love Christmas!

Getting gifts isn't my love language, but I really enjoy giving gifts to others to help them feel loved! And Christmas is the perfect time to do that :-)

Every year I look forward to Christmas for many reasons (it's a magical time of year) I especially look forward to being able to watch my loved ones open the gifts that I picked out for them. I love seeing the excitement, and joy! If I could I would give people gifts everyday so I could see that.

Well, maybe not everyday...

My husband isn't a huge fan of shopping, so it's a good thing I've learned to drive a stick, so that this year I don't need to torture him by making him take me everywhere ;-)
 One thing that has made Christmas shopping so nice and less stressful is this website my awesome brother in law made. It's called Wishlist Factory. It's an advanced wishlist system that allows families, friends, and other groups of people to create private wishlists for any event or holiday! Sweet huh?
It's completely free, and very user-friendly. You should totally check it out!
It has made shopping so.much.easier. 

If you're going to spend money, it helps to know what people want :-P

So, I'm motivated to finish my shopping!
My goal is to get it all done by tomorrow, and have everything wrapped by this weekend!

How's your shopping coming?

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viewfromdownhere said...

Augh, I'm SO behind in my shopping! I still have a ton of presents to buy...thanks for linking up!

Melissa said...

I'm done.

I am with you. My love language is not receiving gifts but I do enjoy giving them to people.