Posting on My Sisters Blog is a Treasures

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so excited for it to be the weekend! I love not having to work.
Also, I'm very excited to spend time with Michael all day tomorrow :-)

It's my favorite.

In other news, I wrote on my sister's blog and I let everyone know about how wonderful she would have been to babysit.

You should check it out. :-) 
And don't worry, I'm sure she wanted me to...

She is very awesome even though she did put some embarrassing pictures on my blog :-)

Her blog rocks, and if you like laughing, you'll love reading it.

ps. What fun things are you doing this weekend?


viewfromdownhere said...

We're ready for the big weekend next weekend...just got our rings cleaned at Tiffany's and have to fold 125 programs for the ceremony next week :-) Oh, and college football, of course!

Denise said...

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your weekend is a Treasure:)

Helena said...

I just read it! Where did you find that picture? I've never seen it before.

CNM said...

You and your sister are too funny!

I had all three of those books as a kid and I loved reading the stories. But now I can't watch a scary movie for anything! I get irrationally scared. It's kinda embarrassing really.

And I'm glad none of the kids I ever baby-sat did that to me. I'd be traumatized lol!