Ice Cream Sculptures are Treasures

A few weeks ago, Michael and I hung out with some good friends -Richard and Laurie, and their adorable baby Carson :-)

For our double date we had to tie one of our hands together and make dinner. So, my left hand was tied to Michaels right, and we couldn't use  those hands. It was really fun, and funny!

I would suggest doing this. It required a lot of trust when it's time to chop some veggies :-) 

After that we headed outside for the second activity. Each couple had a block of ice cream, and we had a time limit for making an ice cream sculpture. Our hands were no longer tied for this part. That would have been hard!

Here are some pictures:
This is our block of ice cream 
(it was a cake batter flavor, and it tasted delicious)
Richard and Laurie with their block of ice cream
Laurie is awesome, and so ready to win!
Michael, hard at work
Richard and Laurie making their sculpture
While trying to keep Carson out of it :-)
Their finished product!
It was a car (with a dear tied to the back) and it looked great!
Here we are with our finished sculpture
We made a pyramid. See all the bricks? 
Yeah, we paid that much attention to detail :-P

What is your favorite date activity? I'd love to hear about it!

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viewfromdownhere said...

oh wow, that had to have been hard tying your hands together and cooking. What did you make? And I love the ice cream sculptures...well done!

My favorite dates with T still would be our long walks on the canal downtown. It's relaxing, and it gives us a chance to just talk and waste time together.

Melissa said...

You guys are too funny.

Date? What is that?