Crazy Neighbors are Treasures

Everyone has stories about their crazy neighbors... right?

Mine probably isn't as crazy. But I'll share anyway :-)

So, when we first started looking into our condo that we are renting from Michael's parents, we were warned that the lady upstairs isn't the nicest of neighbors. 

Apparently she would torture the people that lived here last: pounding on the floor at odd hours of the night, complaining to the police about how loud they were (when really she was the one that was loud) stealing their parking place, pouring water over her balcony so it soaked their sliding door and their floor
and all other sorts of crazy-ness

We decided that we would risk it. I was convinced that I could win her over.

Well, during the first week after we came back from our honeymoon, we were reading a really funny book together. We were laughing and having fun. 
But I guess we were laughing a little too loudly, a little too late.

You see, we have this thing called "quiet time" it lasts from 10pm to 8am, and basically you're supposed to be quiet. Or something. 
I'm still a little shady on the rules.

Well, it was after ten. I think it was ten-thirty. 
We were laughing and all the sudden I hear someone come running down the stairs, they then pounded on our door, and then ran back up the stairs

Well... at least she tried not to let us know it was her... right?
I was a little worried about this.

But that was the only real incident... for a while. 
There were some other small crazy things, but nothing major that I can remember right now.

That is until a few months later, when Michael was awoken around 2am by loud pounding on the floor above us. I woke up a few minutes after him, and it seriously sounded like she was dropping her furniture from her ceiling onto her floor. It was so loud. And it lasted for over 30 minutes.

The next day, we were a little ticked. And tired. 
If it ever happens again we'll go up and knock on her door then ask if everything is okay
Or call the police and tell them we're scared for her.

But even though I'm sure that would fix it, I don't want this to happen again.
I think she did it because we laugh loudly after quiet time a lot. 
But we don't do it on purpose!

So, in an attempt to smooth things over, I made a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies and gave her a plate full. We haven't had any issues since :-) I knew I could do it. We even sit next to each other at church sometimes!

She still has weird quirks, but hey, I do too.
I'll let you know if I remember any other strange stories from her :-) 

I know she's crazy, but she's my crazy neighbor! LoL

Do you have any crazy neighbor stories?


viewfromdownhere said...

I had that post a few weeks ago about my crazy judgmental neighbor....back in my apt days we did have quite a few weird people living around us. But nothing like this - I'm glad you won her over, though!

Helena said...

If she ever does it again, call the police right away. Say "There are really loud pounding noises coming from upstairs, and we are really scared for out neighbor. She lives alone, and she could be hurt or in trouble!"

CNM said...

Hahaha, that's funny. It reminds me of the crazy neighbor that was on the earlier seasons of Friends. Maybe you could team up to torture other neighbors. Just kidding. That would be bad!