Walmart is not a Treasure...

One of my best friends loves photography, and doing photo shoots. Tonight I am being Poison Ivy in her "Batman Villains" photo shoot. And I'm kind of excited.
Don't worry, I'll post pictures when I get them :-) My costume is pretty awesome! Our friend Edi made mine, and the Harley Quinn costume. 

Well, while this photo shoot will be awesome, it is kind of last minute. I'm especially impressed with Edi being able to make these costumes in 2-3 days!

So, last night Bryn, her husband and I went to Walmart to get some more supplies. 
I need some of the temporary hair dye so that my hair can be more bright red like Poison Ivy.

We went to the hair dye isle but found nothing. I found a worker and this is how our conversation went:
Imagine the most annoyed voice you have ever heard, now multiply that by about 3 and that was how she sounded
Me: Excuse me?
Worker: What?
Me: Um... I was just wondering if you still sell temporary hair dye-
Worker: I don't know. You'll have to look in the isle or ask someone else.
Me: oh... ok. But could you-
Worker: You'll have to ask someone else
Awesome. So, I asked someone else.
Me: Excuse me?
Worker:.... (just looks at me)...
Me: I was wondering if you have any temporary hair dye? I can't find it in the isle
Worker: You'll have to look in the isle. I don't know.
Next time, I'm going to Target, Their workers always go out of their way to help me, and are a lot more friendly. 


Michelle said...

I'm sorry you had such a crummy experience at Wal-mart. :( I used to work there during my college years and I can tell they have gone way downhill in their policies and service since then.
On a positive note, I can't wait to see pics of you all in your costumes! I'll bet they're awesome! :o)

Melissa said...

I am sorry for the bad experience but can't wait to see the photos!!

Annie said...

Please share this story with Jimmy. He will love it.

Shipley family and Tulle Cool said...

AHHHHHHHHH Yes, I love wal-fart... NOT