Reasons to Lose Challenge is a Treasure

Did any of you do the Reasons to Lose challenges?
I did one of the two :-)

I drank tons of water every day, at least half my body weight in oz. And even though I hate the taste of water, I feel really good when I drink a lot.
I did have an advantage to this challenge, because Husband and I had started making sure we were drinking enough water a few months ago, so my body was already used to it. But, I still did it!

As for the heart-rate up for 30 min a day... yeah, not so much. I worked out 3 days this week, I'm doing it every-other day. And while I was going to try for every day I didn't on Tuesday... my muscles were too sore, so I just stuck with every-other day.

I feel good though, and I'm very excited about next weeks challenges! Especially the self-esteem one. It will be posted tomorrow morning here
And, we'll have a linky party next Saturday for everyone who wants to participate to link up how the challenges went for them :-)

Even if you guys don't do the physical challenge, I think everyone could benefit from doing the Self-Esteem challenge. So please check it out tomorrow! 
You won't regret it :-)

Did anyone participate in last weeks challenges? I'd love to hear about it!

ps. I should get a copy of the Poison Ivy pictures in the next few days!


viewfromdownhere said...

I could SO go for the self esteem challenge...I do drink a ton of water, though, so I guess I'm good on that, too!

Melissa said...

Yikes - that would be a lot of water for me. Maybe I should do it!!