A Dinosaur on State Street is a Treasure

What do you think of the new look?
I love it! 
I would definitely recommend Kim to anyone and everyone! I don't know how she does it, but she was able to match my personality and style with only a few emails! She is so nice, and easy to work with, and incredibly fast. That girl has mad skill.
(This opinion is entirely my own, I was not asked to write any of this)

Here's a story for you all:

So the other day, Michael and I were driving back to work from our lunch break.
We we're waiting at a light to turn left onto State Street.

Michael was staring blankly into space, and I was just idly watching traffic. 
When all of the sudden a big truck with a flat back, like this one, drove by. On the back of the truck was four guys holding a giant head of a Triceratops.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

Basically, it looked just like this one
Only it was huge, and looked very realistic. So, you know, a little less fake and happy looking.

I'm not sure why, or how... but it was there. 
And it made my day.

Michael completely missed it, but I sure am glad I saw it.

What was an unexpected treasure in your life?


Annie said...

Your Blog is FABULOUS!!!! You make me want to be more thoughtful and creative. I love you tons! PS thanks for stalling yesterday.

RenaeF said...

The other day I had a truck with a LIFE size huge elk statue in the back! Very realistic looking. Crazy people ;P

viewfromdownhere said...

Not really a treasure as much as it just made me laugh...some teen kid standing on the street corner with a megaphone. I saw him as I was heading to the store to pick up some dinner, and I couldn't hear what he was saying at first but I rolled down my windows to hear him, and he's not really shouting or talking loudly but saying this to the cars as they drive by: "hey....hey you...hey, hey stop the war in Iran...hey, hey you...stop the war in Iran."

He saw me looking so he goes "hey you...tell the government to stop the war in Iran. We don't need them."

I started laughing. Not sure why but whatever he was trying to do just made my evening. Does that count?