Nine Months is a Treasure

I want to start Small Treasure Tuesdays again, but I think I'll wait until after our little one makes an appearance.  Would anyone be interested?

I'm 9 months now! 
Actually, 9 months and a week :-) 
Since I'm 37 weeks I could technically have this baby anytime and it would be fine, but I feel like she is going to wait a few more weeks. Which is fine by me. I can be patient until she is ready! Although, I might change my mind as I get closer to 40 weeks :)
Here is my 9 month picture!

Since I've been doing hypnobabies, I am really looking forward to the birth. 
Right now I'm not feeling anything but positive emotions, and Michael is so supportive. He's getting excited, and it is really cute!

I think we have everything we need... I hope we do!
We got the carseat on Monday, which was the last thing we were needing
But of course, now that I say that we will think of a million more things we need but can't afford, LoL. That's usually how it works, right?

I'm looking forward to meeting this little girl! I'll probably go way overboard with pictures, so I hope you guys will enjoy them, because I may post a picture a day for a while. It might happen.

I'll blog again soon!


viewfromdownhere said...

You're too cute! I remember the 9the month...Aubrey made it until the c-section date in week 39, and trust me by the time you get there you'll be like "I need to get this baby out of me now!"

Helena said...

I would be! And I hope you DO go overboard with pictures.

Hey, did you get a motion sensor monitor thing? Because they have them for $60 on Amazon, and your apartment is a great size for it. It doesn't come with the handhelds, but you wouldn't need them. Check it out.