Eight Months is a Treasure

Here is my 8 month picture!

On Tuesday I'll be 35 weeks! It is crazy to think that she could come as soon as 4 weeks! 
I have a feeling it will be on or around the 16th of July though when she does choose to grace us with her presence :-)

I never told you guys, but this is how I told my friends on Facebook that Michael and I are expecting:

"Michael and I found out that I have Primigravida. Which basically means that there is an organism living inside of me, and it is taking vital nutrients from my system. I have already begun to show signs of this infestation by feeling bloated and throwing up to get rid of toxins. Doctors believe my body will follow a natural eviction process by expelling the infestation hopefully by the beginning of July..."

It was fun to read people's reactions :-) 

Have a great night!


Chloe Deverill said...

Oh, yay! you're back!!!
I'm so glad to see you're blogging again!!
You're 35 weeks?! How's that possible?! Time flies!

Melissa said...

Way, way too funny!! What a great idea!! :)