Motivation is a Treasure

This week, I am motivated to organize my storage closet.
Michael and I live in a cute two bedroom apartment, we love it! But there isn't a lot of storage space. 

We have this little area outside, and it has become crowded with my art supplies (I don't have the space for them in our apartment) Christmas and other holiday decorations, and some toys that I kept in very good condition in the hope of one day giving them to my children. 

So... the plan is to go through it all over the weekend, get rid of some stuff, and organize the rest.
I've been doing some price comparisons via the interweb and it appears that Kmart has some nice big storage shelves for $15 -even though I'm not a fan of the store, I'm a fan of the price. :-)
I'm also motivated to organize the area by our bookshelves, it always seems to accumulate clutter.
I'll let you know how it all goes. 
What are you motivated to do this week?

I'm linking to Nain's meme Motivation Monday
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Motivation Monday


viewfromdownhere said...

Organizing the closet is a huge task! I need to do the same with our linen closet. Thanks for participating!

CNM said...

You have a great blog, Chantel and I wanted to share a little award with you. Come check it out at http://lessonsofanewlywed.blogspot.com/.

Hope you had a great weekend!