Motivated to be Healthy

Michael and I are constantly looking for ways to improve our health and quality of life. 
We've been learning more and more about plastic, and how bad it is.

Right now, it isn't realistic for us to say we're cutting all plastic from our lives, but we are trying to eliminate wherever possible. 

 We just got these amazing glass water bottles, I love them. 
It was kind of hard to get a good picture.
You can purchase these bottles on amazon. They have a lot of other styles to choose from too.

Stainless steel is good too, but it's so hard to find bottles that don't have plastic lids -it took me a while to even find a glass one that didn't have any plastic! And yes, the lids are generally made from polypropylene and are BPA free, but studies are now showing that they may still have other harmful chemicals that leech, or sweat, from that type of plastic into water or food.

There's a new water bottle by Klean Kanteen coming out later this year that will be the first entirely plastic free stainless steel bottle. It's pretty cool! I love my glass bottle, but I kind of want this one too :-)

We're also going to be buying these toothbrushes from Life Without Plastic (or ones like them) that have no plastic.

We've also been reading ingredient labels when we shop, and try to know everything we put into our bodies. It's kind of scary at first, but I feel a lot better knowing.

Because we're becoming more aware of how we treat our bodies, I started making our own toothpaste!
I feel so old school saying that...

So, I'm motivated to be aware of the things I'm putting into my body, and to take steps towards healthier living! 

What's something you're motivated to do? 
I'm linking up to Nain's new meme Motivation Monday,and I'd love to see you there :-)

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Motivation Monday


viewfromdownhere said...

Making your own toothpaste? Wow, you ARE motivated! Thanks for linking up!

ara said...

You're right! Plastic is not good to our health as well as to our environment. And stainless steel are an alternative to plastic, so we should go for it instead. Let's be more green and save our Mother Earth. =)

Marisa Midori said...

This is a great goal! Best of luck to you guys on this.