Trying New Things is a Treasure

I love jewelry. I've gone through stages in the past when I wear a bunch of jewelry for a long time, then I'll switch to wearing none, after I realize that wearing all your jewelry at once is not actually that attractive. 

I've finally found a happy medium!

Lately when I see jewelry in the stores I've been thinking to myself "Why should I spend $30 on this necklace when I can just make it?" Wait... I've never made jewelry before. Why am I thinking this?

Then I started to look into it, and yeah, I could make that pretty necklace, or those classy earrings, and if I practice at it, it wouldn't be that hard! So, I've been wanting to give it a shot, just so I can see if that part of me that wants to be crafty is right, or just going to new extremes to try and motivate me.

Well, I made a friend through blogging, and she sent me some supplies so I could practice making loops and using the hooks and things. Yeah, she's awesome!
I made these earrings with some of the extra beads she sent, I know, they aren't perfect. They aren't even even! However, this is the first jewelry item I've finished, and I'm proud of them!

So, I went to Joy Made Jewelry and I looked around her blog, she's great because she has tutorials about how to make jewelry. So I used this tutorial, and Michael got me this kit from her etsy shop

and I made this necklace!

I made my own bead pattern, and I made my own loops with the tools Michael got me.

Yeah... I am pretty proud of myself :-)


Denise said...

HI, I hoppedover from the Girl Creative. I think you did an amazing job with the necklace--You SHOULD be proud of yourself. Have a great weekend.

Lanie Ree said...

Whoa, nice job! I like the necklace, but I LOVE the earrings. Even if they aren't perfect. Go Tel!

Gina F said...

I think you did a wonderful job on making those earrings and necklace. I love the earrings. GREAT JOB! HAVE A FAB WEEKEND!!!

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Leanne said...

They turned out beautiful. It did a great job! THe next We're Organized Wednesday will be April 28th.

Ginger said...

Way to go!!! Jewelry making is tons of fun and I'm glad you've gotten a chance to try it out! The necklace is so pretty! Congrats! Thanks for linking this up to Mad Skills Monday! I wanna see more cute jewelry from you next week...;)


Appleseed Gifts said...

Had to throw you a shout out! Check it out at the link below:


Great work and thanks for linking it up to Mad Skills Monday!


Anonymous said...

you did fantastic! I love them both! I'm so glad to see someones finished product I rarely get to see them. I Love that you made your own design with the beads...get your creativity ON!

Lanie Ree said...

Thank you for linking this to A Little Creative Therapy, with Life in the Pitts!!

Christy said...

Love your jewelry! That's awesome! I am muddling my way thru making earrings here too! I figure as long as they stay in one piece it's a success story.

Ginger said...

Hi there! You were featured on Mad Skills Monday for this awesome project! Congrats!