Sun Safe Swimwear is a Treasure

I was shopping in Target the other day, and noticed it was stocked with bathing suits. That can only mean one thing, summer is on its way! (thank goodness).

I have a pretty cute suit, however its not only getting old, but it also exposes a lot of my back, shoulders, and chest -which is where the sun likes to get me. After reading on eHow I learned that 65-90 percent of the nearly 54,000 melanomas diagnosed each year are caused by excessive sun exposure. And, most skin cancers can be prevented if people protect themselves from the sun by wearing adequate sunscreen and clothing. Time for a new suit? I think yes.

Then I found this giveaway over at the Rubber Punkin, it must be fate!

There's a new company called Panga Swimwear, they promote cute and flattering swimwear that is considered to be sun safe. And that's right, the Rubber Punkin is giving one away!

If I win, this is the one I would want, "The Annie," maybe in Black, or Dark Brown.

Go check it out, these suits are a great idea. I may just buy one if I don't win. Let's all try to be safe in the sun... when it finally comes out that is.

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Amber said...

Let us know if you win!