An Artful Life

I want to be crafty. I have ideas of crafty things I could do, I see things in the store and I think "I could make that," I have things I want to create and do to make our apartment more cozy.The problem is, I hardly have time to make our bed in the morning, and I never seem to wash the dishes before we completely run out.

So when the weekend rolls around, and we finally have a break from working long hours, there are always things around the house that we need to get done, plans I need to make for my friends wedding, socializing with everyone who wants to see us, and of course spending some quality time with my hubby. So, as much as I'd like to, I've yet to have the motivation and time to be crafty at the same moment.

However, I've recently discovered the blog An Artful Life, by Shona, she seems like such an awesome lady! She has a book out called "The ArtisticMother," it's all about being a busy mom and finding your creative side at the same time. I figure that if she can do it, so can I! Or maybe I can start to find my creative side with the help of this book at least :-) If I do purchase it, I'll let you guys know if it helps me to get more in touch with my creative side.


Trudy Callan said...

I have formed a group that will be going through the projects in the book together. You are welcome to join us. You can read about it on my blog. Leave me a comment if you would like to participate.


Cole said...

I always want to do about 20 crafty projects all at once, I end up being very OCD and jumping from one to the next very quickly.
PS I meant to tell you last week but we got the guitar holders that hang them up at guitar center